Hyaluronic Acid Plus

Hyaluronic Acid Plus
824 mg 60 tablets


kurs 30 dney

1 tablet per day

Specialnoe predlozhenie na OZONpovyshaem effectivnost priyoma

  • 10%


Hyaluronic Acid Plus Carnosine 500 mg Co Q10 Plus

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Biological properties of substances

Hyaluronic acid maintains the natural water balance of the skin, promotes its hydration, and helps it keep smoothness and tone. It also stimulates cell division during the synthesis of collagen scaffolds by special cells called fibroblasts, responsible for the natural skin regeneration.

Hyaluronic acid makes movement of the articular surfaces smooth by helping to reduce their friction while increasing mobility and facilitating movement.


Affordable Price. Supplemented with Vitamins A and E. Sugar- and lactose-free. 1 tablet per day.


  • Hyaluronic acid 135 to 150 mg
  • Vitamin А 2.4 to 3 mg
  • Vitamin Е 70 mg