Lipotropic Factor Premium

Lipotropic Factor Premium
1440 mg 60 tablets


kurs 30 dney

1 tablet per day

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Lipotropic Factor Premium Amber Acid Forte Spirulina Plus

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Biological properties of substances

It is often required to control cholesterol levels and reduce excess fat reserves while protecting the liver cells as much as possible. Choline, Inositol, and L-Methionine, the three ingredients of the Lipotropic factor Premium complex, can help to achieve these and other objectives.

Lipotropic substances, by increasing the level of phospholipids, thereby help to reduce excess fat in the body and normalize the cholesterol levels.

Lipotropic Factor Premium additionally helps to remove toxic compounds of various origins from organs and tissues.


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  • Choline 140 mg / 420 mg of daily intake
  • Inositol 333 mg / 999 mg of daily intake
  • L-methionine 333 mg / 999 mg of daily intake