Selenium + Zinc complex

Selenium + Zinc complex
824 mg 90 tablets


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1 tablet per day

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Selenium + Zinc complex Male Multiple Complex Skin, Nails & Hair Complex

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Biological properties of substances

Selenium is known as a powerful antioxidant protecting cells from free radical damage. This microelement is found in heart muscle proteins that contribute to the improvement of the functional state of the cardiovascular system. Selenium is vital for the normal functioning of both immune and reproductive systems. It exhibits antitoxic activity at poisoning with heavy metal salts. A selenium deficiency results in hair delamination and hair loss, as well as in skin rashes.

Zinc also exhibits antioxidant properties. It helps reduce UV-induced damage to skin cells and increases their resistance to free radicals.

Zinc participates in regulating hair follicle cell division and functioning of the sebaceous glands, while also affecting the acuteness of taste and smell perception.


1 tablet per day. Enhanced with Vitamin E and Inulin. Organic form of Selenium.


  • Zinc 20 mg
  • Selenium 100 mg
  • Vitamin Е (TE) 15 mg