Curcumin Premium

Curcumin Premium
464 mg 60 tablets


kurs 30 dney

1 tablet per day

Specialnoe predlozhenie na OZONpovyshaem effectivnost priyoma

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Curcumin Premium Glucosamine + Сhondroitin Premium сomplex Calcium citrate complex

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Biological properties of substances

Curcumin is involved in the digestive system functions—namely, those of the liver—exerting a beneficial effect on bile secretion. This compound helps to speed up the recovery of the body after sports. Together with proper nutrition and training, curcumin is one of the valuable ingredients for the prevention of excess body weight gain. In addition, it is involved in the process of reducing the levels of “bad” cholesterol, while helping to maintain normal heart function.

Piperine stimulates the external secretion of the pancreas by releasing its enzymes, thereby increasing the digestive capacity.


Affordable Price. Sugar- and lactose-free. 1 tablet per day. Supplemented with piperine.


  • Curcumin 130 mg
  • Piperine 1.9 mg