KELP extract with vitamin D3

KELP extract with vitamin D3
550 mg 90 tablets


kurs 30 dney

1 tablet per day

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  • 10%


KELP extract with vitamin D3 Selenium + Zinc complex Multi B-complex

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Biological properties of substances

Laminaria or seaweed (Laminaria saccharina s. Saccharina latissima) beneficially affects metabolic processes due to its rich and diverse chemical composition. It serves as an organic source of iodine, which is preferable to iodides, inorganic compounds.

The iodine from the seaweed maintains an optimal hormonal background. As a result, it stabilizes the course of the menstrual cycle, together with attenuating the severity of adverse manifestations of the premenopausal period. This microelement also contributes to the normal functioning of the thyroid gland, improves metabolism, and supports the immune system.


1 tablet per day. Affordable Price. Supplemented with Vitamin D3. Vegan.


  • Vitamin D3 12.5 mg (500 IU)
  • Iodine 500 mg