Lifting complex Premium

Lifting complex Premium
824 mg 60 tablets


kurs 30 dney

2 tablets per day

Specialnoe predlozhenie na OZONpovyshaem effectivnost priyoma

  • 10%


Lifting complex Premium Chromium Picolinate Slimline formula

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Biological properties of substances

Being fit and healthy is what every person dreams about. The Lifting complex helps to prevent the accumulation of fats in the body, eliminate toxins, and lower cholesterol levels. Included in the composition, the green tea extract has an antioxidant effect while showing the ability to reduce the severity of inflammatory processes and prevent premature aging.


High content of active ingredients. Optimal price. Kiwi and green tea extract.


  • Epigallocatechin gallate 70 mg / 140 mg of daily intake
  • Humic acids 10 mg / 20 mg of daily intake
  • Rutin 45 to 50 mg / 90 to 100 mg of daily intake
  • Zinc 7.5 mg / 15 mg of daily intake
  • Polyphenol compounds (gallic acid equivalent), NLT 100 mg /
  • 200 mg of daily intake
  • Anthocyanins 16 mg / 32 mg of daily intake