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D-mannose Plus (Д манноза)

D-mannose Plus

D-mannose Plus
640 mg 60 capsules

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30 days

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D-mannose Plus Vitamin D3 2000



Biological properties of the substances

Mannose prevents bacteria adhesion to urinary tract mucosa, which normalizes its microbiota.

Moreover, taking mannose enhances gastrointestinal tract function. Thanks to its prebiotic properties, this substance promotes growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, where their effect is essential.

Cranberry essence has a positive impact on the urinary system. It reduces the ability of uropathogenic bacteria to attach themselves to the walls of urinary tract and propagate.


Also contains cranberry essence.


Active ingredients

Content in 1 capsule:

  • D-mannose 500 mg
  • Cranberry essence (Arbutin under 0.75 mg – 3 mg,
  • proanthocyanidins 44 – 50 mg / 176 – 200 mg) 120 mg / 480 mg

Directions: take 2 capsules twice a day.