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Reishi complex (Рейши комплекс)

Reishi complex

Reishi complex
610 mg 60 capsules

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Reishi complex Vitamin D3 2000 Co Q10 Plus



Biological properties of the substances

Polysaccharides in Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) have a favorable impact on the immune system, due to stimulation of immune cell generation. Besides polysaccharides, this mushroom contains aspartic acid, which ensures correct transfer of nerve cell signals.

One more amino acid, glycine, has a positive impact on the central nervous system, enhances metabolism in the brain, increases its capability, and reduces psycho-emotional stress. Glycine is also involved in the body’s antioxidant defense processes.

Inulin reaches the large intestine intact, where it provides a nutritive medium for growth of beneficial bacteria, stimulating development of healthy microbiota. Taking this substance improves resistance of the digestive system to bacterial and viral infections. Inulin also normalizes metabolism by regulation of blood glucose level.


Herbal ingredients.


Active ingredients

Content in 1 capsule:

  • Reishi mushroom extract (polysaccharides 300 mg / 600 mg) 550 mg / 1100 mg
  • Inulin 40 mg / 80 mg

Directions: take 1 capsule twice a day.