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Succinic Acid Forte (Янтарная кислота Форте)

Succinic Acid Forte

Succinic Acid Forte
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Succinic Acid Forte Spirulina Plus Lipotropic Factor Premium



Biological properties of substances

Succinic acid plays an essential role in the brain and heart activity.

These organs require the greatest amount of oxygen and, consequently, energy. Succinic acid is involved in the processes of oxygen uptake by cells and cellular respiration, microelement transport, protein synthesis, as well as in the production of new cells within the nervous and immune systems. This substance contributes to the normalization of blood lipid profile (by lowering cholesterol levels), protecting the liver from overload during the utilization of various toxic substances from food, as well as when taking alcohol. It helps to support the health of the body and alleviate the hangover symptoms.


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  • Succinic acid 400 mg